When you should be coming back in for top ups to maintain your brows

So the most common question on everybody’s lips is how long does semi-permanent brow tattoo actually last? tattoo makeup such as Microblading is semi-permanent which means it doesn’t last forever no, but it can make life a lot easier when getting ready in the mornings! I get a lot of clients who still like to have their brows tinted to fill in the gaps where they’ve lost brow hair, this method is a very nice finish especially with a brow wax but the stain from the tint soon fades a few days after and then your left with patchy brows again. So is it worth doing just the high definition brow (tint and wax) every 2-3 wks or do I have semi-permanent makeup done on my brows I’m asked? My answer to this question is that you need to remember that your brows will still grow out of shape and if your a mature client and have pesky grey hairs that you tint then they will still need to be tinted and waxed. Or though I did microblade a mature client recently who embraced her grey hair and her brows which looked really nice and natural for her age. So when making this decision consider that they will still need to be shaped to define your lovely new microbladed/power tattoo brow at least. It is aways such a shame to see clients that had gone through 2-3 hrs of micro pigmentation to achieve that perfect set of brows and then a few weeks later the shape has gone and you cant make out their lovely new shape and they’ve paid a lot of money for them too right?

But getting back to the main question- how long does it last? Once the first treatment is done you most definitely need to come back for the top up appointment or your eyebrow tattoo will fade and be very patchy which means you wont get the outcome you were hoping to achieve. Semi-permanent brow tattooing is a two step process, the skin takes in and absorbs what can of the pigment providing it doesn’t bleed too much during the procedure and heals well enough to retain the ink over the 4wk healing process. Thats when on the 4wk top up appointment we can then see what the skin has retained from the first session and any faded pigment or strokes can be worked on again adding more pigment to the area that needs attention. The top up session is also a great chance to discuss any issues you may be unhappy with too. It could be that you changed your mind on the shape or the colour (providing you didn’t get them tattooed too dark or too thick to begin with then it can be adjusted). So its always best if your unsure start off with the lightest colour that matches your hair and go with a realist approach when your technician is mapping the shape out for you.

After the brows have been done and you have had the top up appointment this is usually where people get confused as to when they need to come back again. Some think that they should last 3 yrs which is true but top up appointments need to be had during this time frame. typically every 6-8 months maybe even 11 months at a push, again depending on how well you have retained the ink. If you follow these instructions then you will avoid having to pay for a full treatment again which is usually double the cost of your top up price which most people do because they leave them over a year and they then their brows had faded out too much to get away with paying for just the top ups.

when deciding on who you book your semi-permanent makeup with please remember to check their work out first making sure that they have their watermark or logo on them and that it isn’t another artists photos which unfortunately does happen. Ask to see their license agreement to carry out SPM and without doubt check the cleanliness of their room. All tattoo artists should have pre packaged, sealed and unopened needles and blades which I like to show to my clients so they know its a brand new blade/needle every time.

So that’s all the basic rules and facts when getting Semi-permanent makeup done. I hope this blog has been useful and informative! any questions please message me!

SPMU | Michelle Gowers Beauty